About the Blog

The concept of the blog Of Coffee Conversations comes from those conversations we had over coffee table; late at night, during summers and winters–it did not matter. The choices differed for everyone; some would have black coffee while others would only take sugared, creamed, milk coffee–again it did not matter. What mattered were the thoughts, discussions–sometimes arguments– and deliberations, jokes that only we would understand and depression only we could cure.

Although it’s been years, those people have gone, far away, that it sometimes looks like a dream, but the conversations we’ve had, still inspire me to write even though nothing is same.



  1. Haha, wow, what a surprise. I had the same username at a social site once, still get it sometime when I like, lol, your follow had me halted. I like the rhyme to it, Parasitamol. (Also, it has a major role in my life, lolol, the medicine.)
    Anyway, you’ve an amazing blog. I love coffee themed stuff more than drinking coffee. Totally enjoyed going around your posts! =)


    1. Haha really? This is an amazing coincidence! =) Parasitamol also has a major role in my life apart from the fact that it covers my name =p
      And thank you so much for your praise for the blog. Looking forward to hearing more from you. 😀


  2. To be honest, my love for coffee is what compelled me to visit your blog. Coffee-themed stuff never fails to attract me. The name itself is so catchy! Lol. Ah-mazing blog! I really enjoyed going through all your posts. Would love to read more from you. Stay blessed! :’)

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  3. I liked the emotional insight that your blog has to offer. The idea takes me to a serene coffee cafe where there would be ample room for deep conversations with the people I want (just my imaginations). Moreover, I love the dual message that your profile name has to offer.
    I write about human behavior, relations and emotions as well hence, the introduction attracted me even more.
    I found your blog through the blog thread on Bookay. Its so good to see fellow Bookay members here on wordpress.
    Following you and happy blogging from my side.


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    1. Hey Mariyaah, thank you so much for coming to visit the blog and liking it. It means a lot 🙂 Keep reading the posts, your feedback and criticism is extremely welcome here.
      Also yayyy, we find fellow bookays everywhere. One more addition to fellow bookay members cum bloggers to get to interact with! 🙂

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