Music is?

Music is sweet. It lets you listen to magic in the chirpings of birds, that would otherwise have been rhyme-less tweets.

Music is painful. It makes you go back to those old moments when that music played and the moment took place.

No matter how happy the moment was, it makes you cry because it happened and cannot be brought back.
And it would make you cry for the excruciating moments that took place when that music played.

And well, you can’t do anything about it.

If only, you could erase those memories?

And now, whenever, wherever, that music would play, it would bring back all those memories whether they brought joy or made you cry, they would send you back in the sands of time.

I said music was painful.

Because it brings the state of ecstasy, any level lower than that-a state understated and it would pierce your heart. Because it’s easier to glide a step further, but the fall is what is most agonizing.


You say music is inspiring.

Yes, it’s one of the perceptions. A way of looking at things.

But I’d rather say it’s a clue to find what you might have lost. Or a guide to help you get to destiny.

Not an end in itself but a means to an end.

I found nature more appalling-with music. Music became a complimentary element, adding tunes to the moods of life, making me appreciate the symphony that it made.
Thus music wasn’t a destiny, nor was nature, rather it established a staircase to the road towards an initially unknown end that finally became the destiny.

In the tunes of nature, the rhythm of the drops of rain, the late night chirping sounds of crickets, the harp that was played somewhere far away that made me question the existence of such magic; I found something I had lost while I wandered.

I found Him.
I found God.

They tell me I might be committing a huge mistake. Something that is prohibited can’t help you find your destiny.

I feel guilty, and so even though I could have been happy, my heart is never content.

I’d told you, music was painful.



“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ―Bob Marley