The night

The cold breeze that touched his face was harsh, almost like a sandpaper; it reddened his cheeks and froze his nose. But he kept walking. Today was unusual unlike other days. The leaves under his Sneakers rustled the same way as they always did on every other cold December night. The fog that engulfed his surroundings at this time of night always bothered him, but today it did not. Rubbing his hands together and digging them in his pockets he headed towards the frozen lake. It was more than a coincidence that it was full moon tonight. He smiled to himself. Too many reasons to smile at oneself, he thought. Tightening the muffler around his neck, he dropped another gaze to his shoes whose laces had been tied twice in one day, something that he had been doing only once in day for 10 years no matter whatever happened. It had been a lovely gesture; something he had never expected.

He had reached the edge of the lake now. He looked at the thin frozen layer, and put one of his feet firmly on the surface of the lake which had now converted into a perfect layer of ice. Without any further thought he started walking towards the center of the lake. It had never been so easy. Either the layer had been too solid today or he felt much more confident; only two minutes and he had reached where he always wanted to be. The power of determination, he thought. Covering his neck once again with the muffler, he tapped the ice underneath him and lied down on the icy surface. It had been a great day today. The night being celebrated this way was to honor the day. He was never a person who partied when happy, since partying was too main stream. It was the company of himself alone that he yearned when he wanted to rejoice his own moments, ponder upon what’s been happening and decide where and how to move on. He knew getting away like this in the middle of the night was not easy and his friends would soon find out and say as always, ‘That lucky son of a gun got away again’ but he really needed his time to decide for his life tonight.

These times had not been easy but perhaps lying under the Milky Way, above the frozen lake had its own pros. He knew when he would get up later, the stars would be replaced by the bright sun that comes out from the other side of the mountains (that he’s been witnessing for the past four years), and he would have made the most beautiful decision of his entire life.


(Dec 12, 2012)